Our Impact

Thanks to you, we've been able to achieve some incredible things.

Planting a Forest Together

In 2023, thanks to your orders and our commitment to donate 10% of sales, we were able to plant an entire forest in a region that the climate crisis severely degraded or eliminated forests completely.

We partnered with WeForest to plant over 2000 trees, or more than 2 football fields worth of trees that will sustain the population and continue to combat climate change for the planet.


Northern Ethiopia is directly threatened by desertification while it is home to many threatened species with an important function for climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as water supply. The immediate consequence of the disappearance of forest is erosion of topsoil and the significant reduction of agricultural yields for the local farmers. Even more alarming is the long-term impact on local cloud formation and rainfall, causing more frequent droughts and food insecurity.


WeForest is restoring and protecting large areas of forest. Tree species are selected to serve multiple purposes to the forest and the communities, generating a combination of social, economic and environmental benefits. Soil and water conservation structures are built to reduce run-offs and improve soil infiltration. Combining this with livelihood improvement activities such as beekeeping and efficient cookstoves, is improving the resilience of communities living in and around the forest.

Long-Term Impact

The planting and protecting of native species will boost biodiversity, regenerate soil and water resources and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Mammals such as the rare baboon and the spotted hyena will find a new habitat to thrive. With local farmers we build dams, micro-basins and water harvesting ponds to retain rainwater, improve infiltration and increase water access. The project is undergoing carbon certification and will contribute to the Paris Climate Agreement by sequestering CO2.

2023 Project Update

Great news from the project in Tigray. Hear all about how the money raised is going to transform the ecology of the local area.

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