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Why Coconut Wax is the Best Choice for Candles

The popularity of coconuts has boomed over the last decade. Various coconut products have become popular for cooking, baking, and also in a wide range of cosmetics. You might also have noticed that coconut is fast becoming one of the top choices for making candles!

Coconut candles are made from a base of coconut wax, making them natural, long-burning, non-toxic and biodegradable.

If you haven’t heard about this yet, don’t worry. We’re about to explain why coconut is the best wax for candles and why coconut candles are ideal for your home.

Why swap to coconut candles?

Paraffin is typically the ingredient of choice for making candle wax, but this is a by-product of the crude oil industry. Not only is this bad news for the planet, but paraffin wax has been linked to potential health problems due to the chemicals emitted when it burns.

Although it may seem harmless to light a fragrant candle in your home, you and your family could inhale toxic, carcinogenic fumes.

Over the last few years, natural alternatives to paraffin wax in candles have become more popular, such as beeswax and soy wax.

For vegans, beeswax is naturally not a good choice as it’s made by bees and harvested from their hives. Environmentally-conscious consumers may also be surprised to learn that soy isn’t always a perfect option either.

Coconut wax vs soy wax

Soy wax is made from the oil of soybeans. Although soybeans are a natural product, this crop is often genetically modified and grown with the help of pesticides. The problem with pesticides is that they’ve been linked to several health concerns as well as environmental damage.

When considering the production process from plant to candle, coconut has a more natural cycle than soy. Fewer resources are required and there’s less impact on the planet. Soy is grown and manufactured on a massive scale, which has implications for the environment. Coconut, on the other hand, is a high-yield crop, meaning that a significant amount can be grown in a relatively small space.

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Additionally, with coconut candles, you don’t have to worry about chemicals such as parabens or phthalates — these ingredients are commonly found in soy wax and can be harmful to health.

What is coconut wax, and is it sustainable?

Coconut wax is a colorless, odorless product that’s usually produced through one of two methods.

The first is the cold press method, which involves pressing the oil out of the coconut meat. The pressed oil then undergoes a process of hydrogenation, which requires the addition of liquids to finally create a solid wax.

It’s also possible to use a hot press method, and this can be done in a number of different ways. The purest way to use this method is to separate the coconut oil from the meat by running it through a centrifuge. Doing so allows for an extraction process that requires no chemicals.

The way coconuts are grown, harvested, and manufactured into wax makes them a sustainable alternative to other wax bases on the market today.

As you probably already know, coconuts are grown in tropical climates. Due to their hardy nature, they thrive in conditions that most other plants can’t withstand, such as extreme heat or drought.

Furthermore, this is a renewable crop that small-scale local farmers mainly harvest, making it great for the sustainable farming communities of the Asian countries where it’s primarily grown.

Coconut candles are slow-burning

Coconut wax is the slowest-burning option available, meaning that candles made from this wax will last longer than the more conventional alternatives. A slower burn allows you to enjoy your candle for longer and to get more value for your money.

As a bonus, coconut wax will burn evenly, which means your candle will have a more consistent shape as you use it, with no wax left up the side of the holder.

Coconut wax doesn’t contain toxins

Unlike some other candle waxes, coconut candles are entirely non-toxic because they’re made with a small number of natural ingredients. This is great because it helps you to know what you’re breathing in every time you light your candle.

There are also usually no petroleum products, or animal products in coconut candles, which means there's nothing to worry about when it comes to allergies!

Coconut wax has better fragrance throw

coconut wax candles

Fragrance throw is how much a scent is emitted or dispersed from a candle. Candles can have a cold throw, before the candle is lit, and a hot throw, during the time a candle is lit.

Candles made from coconut wax are an excellent choice because they have a superior scent throw. A better scent throw allows for a more potent aroma that’s enjoyable for longer periods than other types of candle wax.

Coconut candles from Plant Based Candles

As you can see, candles made from coconut are a fantastic choice for many reasons. They're good for you, they're good for the environment, and they last a long time.

Our candles are made from premium organic coconut wax, making them not only sustainable and plant-based but also non-GMO, pesticide-free, and clean-burning. Also, our candles are free of animal products and animal testing, making them 100% vegan and eco-friendly — visit our shop to get yours today!

Additionally, our candles come in a handmade, hand-painted vessel that you can use decoratively around your home long after the candle is finished.
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