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Go from Flame to Flower with Plant Based Candles

There’s life after death for your most beloved candles

Plant Based Candles are the latest hit. They’re perfect for environmentally conscious people who are tired of tossing empty candles away—and for anyone who loves plants—which we all do, right?

Candlelight is definitely mood lighting, but these candles provide an extra bit of happiness because you know that when they're done, their vessel will serve a new purpose as a pot for growing gorgeous flowering plants.

What are Plant Based Candles?

Plant Based Candles are organic coconut wax candles that come with wildflower seeds, so that you can reuse the candle vessel and grow a beautiful plant.

These will be the first candles you love that you can’t wait to finish!

plant based candles

The most eco-friendly candles

Our candle plants are scented with clean burning fragrances and are made with premium organic coconut wax. For us, this is the best type of wax: it’s the most eco-friendly option which is good for your home, your health, and the planet. 

Our fragrance oils add another layer of wellbeing: they've been tested to be free of any harmful additives or carcinogens, so you can burn your candle with peace of mind.

Many candles are scented with toxic chemicals that are harmful to the health of everyone in your home (yes, including your pets!), and are also destructive to the environment. There’s nothing relaxing about this type of fragrance.

When purchasing a candle, make sure you choose one that won't pollute the air in your home with paraffin wax and harmful fragrances.

We believe that when it comes to the environment, we all should go a step further. That’s why our vessels are made to last, really last. They're made of ceramic and cement, and are made to be reused for a loooong time!

How long do Plant Based Candles last?

The life span of your candle depends on a variety of factors. The coconut wax in our candles also helps with that—coconut wax candles burn slower than other candles, so you can spend hours and hours enjoying the wonderful fragrance and warm glow.

Taking proper care of your candles is very important as well; improper handling can result in damage which will shorten their lifespan considerably. Here are some tips to take well care of your candle:

  1. When lighting it for the first time, make sure the burn lasts long enough so that the entire top layer of wax is melted all the way to the edge on the first go. Otherwise, your candle may create a 'memory ring' where the burn will continue tunnelling down the middle around the wick.
  2. To keep a steady flame and to prevent the wick ends from falling into the wax, use a trimmer to keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" before lighting. Make sure the flame is extinguished and the wax has cooled before trimming.
  3. Never leave your burning candle unattended, and keep your candle lighting to no more than 4 hours at a time.
  4. For your safety, it's time to stop burning your candle when the wax is around 1/2" from the bottom of the jar. But don't worry - with our Plant Based Candles, the end is just the beginning as when one door closes, another opens.

After your candle has burnt away, and cooled, wipe the inside of the vessel with a paper towel or cloth, and then fill it up with soil. Place the seed paper card included with your candle on the top, and place another thin layer of soil on top of that. Use a spray bottle to water the seeds every day, and watch as flowers emerge from seedlings in your new vessel!

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A candle to lift your spirits

Candles have the power to transform our moods. Burning a candle often gives us a sense of relief and calm when we’re feeling sad or mad. Lighting a candle is also great to set the proper mood for a session of thinking and reflecting on your life and your goals. It might help your creativity to flow as well, so it’s perfect for activities like journaling and planning.

That’s why we believe a candle is a powerful tool to help you grow. And the best thing is: after you’ve enjoyed the candle’s magical moments, there are more to come, once your seeds sprout. You can imagine this as if you are growing with it—each week, you will see the plant grow a little more, and that’s how your growth happens as well!

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